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As early as 1500 BC and continuing until historic tribes like the Pascagoula and Biloxi, Native Americans hunted, fished and navigated the Pearl River drainage, building earthworks and shell middens and leaving a great deal of evidence of their trading acumen and artisanship.

It was archaeology that brought us to the topic of this book.

Advance apology to readers by the authors: This comprehensive history of Hancock County Ms deserves to be available on the World Wide Web.

Countless hours have gone into its creation and researchers ought to be able to avail themselves to its offering. 143 The East bank of the East Pearl River is high and dry land, built in the Pleistocene period, tens of thousands of years before the present.

Hopson and others said the problem is often with parents who are unhappy with a relationship in which their child demanding criminal charges being filed, even though the relationship was consensual.

There are numerous sites dating from the Archaic period, and particularly from the mound-building times called Poverty Point.

Minors convicted of sexting indecent images will no longer face a felony or have to register as a sex offender under a proposed law.

Both House and Senate committees have passed bills creating the "delinquent act of sexting," which would be prosecuted in youth court. Nick Bain, D-Corinth, author of House Bill 1467, said it would keep allow a minor offender from having to register for the rest of his or her life as a sex offender.

First, there is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), for the initial impetus for an in-depth study of the beginnings of this little but important corner of Hancock County, Mississippi. It was on this high land that slave traders of the early19 century found staging areas to import Africans into the New World, after Thomas Jefferson had prohibited this horrid commerce in the newly bought territory.

Next, we shall give equal credit by combining into one our thanks to the Hancock County Historical Society, Hill Memorial Library of Louisiana State University, and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, all of which have been necessary – and therefore essential – to this study. The East Pearl River empties into the Gulf of Mexico, or it almost does.

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His neighbor was JFH Claiborne, the historian of Mississippi.