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Click on ' Groups' in the list of services on the Yahoo home page.Select a chat room that sounds like one you'd like to join by clicking on its name.Make sure you have chosen the adult site you are interested in.Now you will want to find the registration button and click on it to be taken to a registration form. Register with an alias name and do not give last names or personal information in your registration.Create a profile if you don't have one so others you are chatting with can view things like your hobbies and your picture if you choose.However, be sure not to reveal too much personal information in your profile, such as your phone number or address.Have a look around after you have registered to enter the chat room.

Thy Ca offers several email discussion lists (a general list and various specialty lists), where people share thyroid cancer information and support via email messages.

Subscribing puts you instantly in touch with many, many people worldwide, all dealing with thyroid cancer.

The lists are free, simple to manage and participate in, and operate through Yahoo! You can choose to receive individual email messages or daily digests; a third option is receiving no email at all and visiting the list's website to read and respond to messages through the permanent list archive.

This avoids acceptance of cookies but gets you basic list membership only; you will not have access to Yahoo's handy websites unless you register.

Anaplastic Support Group: a support forum for people and families dealing with anaplastic thyroid cancer. Note--If you are not yet registered with Yahoo, you will need to do this before subscribing; click on "I'm a New Member--Sign Me Up" at the above website.

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