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“Her mom is 48, so you don’t want to go too old,” she says, but age might bring what Erin is looking for in her match. She grew up with a driver bringing her to school.”In her own words: She wants to date somebody who has the same standards as she does — when it comes to shopping and cars, for example.“I don’t mean to sound shallow, because I’m far from that. And believe me I’ve dated people who are from very different backgrounds, from the way they were raised to what they make,” she says.“They’re looking for exceptionally beautiful women.”One millionaire man hopes for a more “natural beauty girl-next-door” type.The other bachelor wants a woman who could be “a super beautiful bartender — voluptuous.He expresses himself well, brings passion and care to his work and daily life, is financially secure and has a gentle and sweet disposition.He has to be “educated, handsome, well-spoken, established, independent,” says Erin. “You can be humble but you can still enjoy the luxuries of life, right? Noël on Erin: Noël is accepting applicants for Erin up to age 45.(not a stretch of Yonge our millionaires are likely to bring their matches to again with its array of sex shops and massage parlours).The Toronto “Meet & Greet” was an open house for anyone — rich or otherwise — but Noël was up front if an applicant wasn’t a match for her millionaires. But Noël will tell you it can be harder if you’re rich — really, really rich.

Noël hosted a Toronto open house recently to match three 1 percenters with the loves of their lives.

But is this Goldman guy really the cupid of cross-border love, or is he just servicing the interests of Americans who are scared of the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency?

"A lot of Americans are quite uneasy, that's certainly a fact, and that's one of the reasons why I thought now would be the right time to launch Maple Match," said Goldman.

Her clients pay about ,500 for “date coaching,” and from ,000 to ,000 for a personalized search (like the Toronto open house event).

Toronto is home to more than 120,000 millionaires (the most in Canada) according to 2014 research by Wealth Insight, but in a city swimming with middle class singles, it can be hard for the millionaires to find their breed.“There’s a certain amount of pressure to — not marry up, but marry the same,” says Noël of the unique dating needs of the super wealthy.

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