A new dating attitude radiocarbon dating to calendar years

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is billed as a ten-part reality dating series coming to which will focus exclusively on bisexual dating.

But when it isn’t happening for some guys, they immediately jump to a devastating conclusion: “There must be something wrong with me.” If you’re a guy who’s suffering from this state of mind right now, I’ve got news for you: Without the right “inner game” attitude (also known as how you feel about yourself on the inside), it’s almost impossible to succeed with women, or anything else in life.

But the good news is that taking just a few simple steps can change everything.

In a first for British TV (we know, ridiculous right), the show will see a group of singletons for whom a partner's gender doesn't matter sent on "the ultimate adventure to find love".

The group, who all identify as bisexual, pansexual, fluid or questioning, will live and party together in the Spanish city of Barcelona for the duration of the series, with E!

Just stick to imagining some ways that you’ll be different once you’re sharing your life with a great woman.

The results you’ve dreamed of — from dating success to professional achievement or to plain-old just feeling good inside — will feel within reach.

But for now, like I said…don’t worry about all that. “Double Your Dating” author David De Angelo created a SUCCESS-PROVEN, STEP-BY-STEP PLAN that any man can use to leave behind his fears, insecurities, and anxieties for good (and replace them with the love-life of his dreams).

How a man feels about himself deep inside — also known as his “inner game” — is his key to finding and building a great relationship.

Nothing worthwhile is easy…and when it comes to dating success, it couldn’t be more true.

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This is a must-read for women who may be experienced in the dating game, but who want to play by God's rules.--Reviewed by Kathryn V. Stanley is an Atlanta-based freelance writer who is eagerly preparing for the arrival of her soul mate.