2 minute dating

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all come together, be sure to grab a great quality paper cutter and nice cardstock to prep these fun printables including the door hanger and the dice.

Then just fill out the information and you are set!

Ice breakers facilitate group participation, so they're a great way to get people interested in an event or activity, relax, open up and mingle.

This is a great mixer for large groups, especially if you don't require that everyone talks to everyone.

If you're using this game at the beginning of a course or meeting, combine it with introductions.

After the mixer, ask each person to give his or her name and share something interesting they learned from someone else during the mixer.

When you say “Go,” the person begins acting the phrase or other hints to help their team guess the name.

One of the benefits of this exercise is that research shows studying in various locations helps students remember better.

A 2-Minute Mixer is also a great way to prep for a test.

To use the ice breaker for test prep, prepare note cards with a test question written on each card and distribute to students.

In fact, this simple idea takes two minutes, but it is absolutely heavenly!

If you are looking for an intimate game to play with your spouse that adds just the right amount of spice, this one might be just the one for you!

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With gorgeous printables and lots of options for personalization, you have a quick and easy bedroom game!

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